If I had a dime every time someone said to me that travel agents are a thing of the past, I would be rich! Well, I am not just a travel agent. I am a travel advisor and a trusted expert in my field. I love helping clients find the perfect vacation that fits their, needs, their likes, and their budget. Today, I would like to go a step further to list things that as a travel specialist, I am always doing for my clients and show why we are more than just a travel agent.

1. I have spent a lot of time (and money) to become an expert in my field. I am constantly attending workshops, conferences, and training events to keep current with an ever-changing industry. I do this so that I can provide the best service possible to all of my clients.
2. Your vacation is just that…yours. The more you tell me about what you like, dislike, and hope for in a vacation, the better I can match you to that perfect destination, resort or cruise ship.
3. If you ask my opinion on a resort, island or cruise ship, I will be honest. I will always tell you about my experiences and if I haven’t been there, I can guarantee that I know someone who has and can rely on them to be just as honest.
4. I know the value of your vacation and want to protect it for you. When I suggest travel insurance, it is not because I want the trip to cost you more or because I get a bonus for seeing it. I was one of those who always said why waste the money on travel insurance until I started selling travel. I have seen some pretty crazy things happen and now, I won’t travel without it.
5. When it comes to the details, I have your best interest in mind at all times. There may be a cheaper flight that I didn’t mention. but that is because the layover times aren’t the greatest, or it is a non-refundable rate where absolutely no changes can be made. While the bottom line is important, I look at the whole picture for the best value, not just the best price.
6. When I am on vacation, I am still working, even if it is a family vacation. I am always checking things out and documenting everything from meals to transfers to excursions and so on so that I can pass that knowledge onto you. When I am lucky enough to travel with a familiarization trip, it usually means visiting several resorts daily. It may look like it is all fun and games but I am always learning and ALWAYS thinking what clients would best fit with each product.
7. I work for you, not the supplier. My first allegiance is to you and to finding you the best value for your dollar.
8. I practice what I preach. Whatever I tell you as my client is what I have learned from my travel experiences. I take pride in planning your vacation as if I were planning my own. You are my best advertisement, why would I want to mess that up.
9. I do more than just book your cruise or resort. I am with you through the entire process. I will fight to fix any issues that arise, give you tips for travel and packing, keep you informed of any changes, and provide the best customer service possible.
10.I am a travel expert. There are a lot of moving parts to each vacation, I make sure that everything fits cohesively, giving you that FABulous vacation you deserve!