We have compiled some tips for navigating Cancun and making your vacation a little easier to manage.  Following these tips keeps you safe and will answer any questions first time Mexico travelers may have.


  1. While hotels do filter water, some bacteria may still be present.  Bottled water is always available so use it when you can to be sure.


  1. Be sure to use waterproof sunscreen. Chances are you plan to enjoy some water attractions.  Waterproof sunscreen allows you to enjoy your vacation by taking less time covering up.


  1. Beachfront hotels are considered private property. Resorts prefer that only guest from their property access the beach in that area.  There are several public access areas that you can use if not staying at a beachfront resort.


  1. When shopping or clubbing, stay in a group. There is some truth to the saying “safety in numbers”.  Walking alone at night is only inviting trouble.


  1. Pedestrians do not have the right-of-way in Mexico. Stay alert and let the cars have the road!


  1. Money
    1. You can use American money or exchange it for pesos. Dollars are accepted almost everywhere.


  1. Credit cards can be used but may not be accepted at all locations. Make sure you have a card with a chip to keep your info safe.


  1. Mexico has very strict laws regarding the defacing of currency. You cannot use any bills that have been torn or have markings on them, not even for tips.  If you are given a bill that is torn or has graffiti on it, give it back and ask for another bill otherwise you will be losing money (you will not be able to exchange it back for US dollars)


  1. Once you have your luggage, walk directly out of the terminal to meet your shuttle. DO NOT believe the people in the information booths when they tell you that they are not selling time shares…THEY ARE.   Know who you are looking for in regards to your transportation.


  1. Tipping
    1. Cab drivers do not expect to be tipped (Negotiate your rate up front)


  1. Tipping hotel staff is considered generous.


  1. Tipping is expected in restaurants, bars, and clubs


  1. Tipping beach attendants does not have to be in cash. Small gifts are also considered thoughtful


  1. If you encounter any legal issues while in Mexico, contact the consulate immediately. do not take advice from Mexican residents


  1. Check with your cell phone provider to see if your phone will work. Many carriers allow phones to work in Mexico just as if you are in the US