When a client calls looking for an all-inclusive destination, lately I am hearing, “Anywhere but Mexico!.” Of course, I comply with my clients’ wishes but I also give a Mexico option with an explanation addressing their concerns.

Yes, we are hearing about violence in Mexico and other countries but these countries are safe for tourists and many depend on tourism for their survival. Of course, you need to be aware of your surroundings and be smart about how you travel but as long as you are not looking to join a gang or score some drugs, you are safer in these countries than you are on the streets of New York and Chicago.

Unfortunately, the media makes more of these incidents than need be. They immediately report on the violence but never give the underlying causes or refer back to it once the investigation is complete. Statistics have shown that Chicago is a much more dangerous place than these popular vacation destinations.

All of the resorts have security throughout the properties and at any entrances, including the beach areas. If you are leaving for a tour or to go shopping/exploring and it was set-up through us or the resort, you are protected. Our suppliers are thoroughly vetted, insured, and trained to provide the safest and best tour/excursion you can have. You are safe to explore the island as long as you know who you are dealing with.

Maybe this will help explain it better. A few years ago we were traveling in Jamaica. We met some wonderful locals while we were there and in one of our conversations, a young woman talked about coming to Disney with her sister and niece and nephew. Her comment to me was that they were putting the trip off until the violence was under control. I was confused and honestly didn’t know if she meant something in her hometown or something else. I asked what she meant and she was referring to the series of gang killings in Chicago at the time. Now, we know that Chicago and Disney are two totally different areas and that one has nothing to do with the other, however, from the reports they had heard, they all assumed that travel to the U.S. was dangerous. We talked a little more and then she had a better understanding of what was really going on. A few months later, she and her family made the journey to Disney and had a wonderful time.

If you are working with a travel specialist, you can be guaranteed that you will not be put in harms way and that should anything occur while traveling, we are here to make sure you are safe and will make any changes necessary. My best advice is to stay informed and always work with someone you trust.